What is “Hybrid Paste?"

What makes Statum Style’s Hybrid Paste different than every other hair product?  While the combination of over 10 natural ingredients certainly helps, the “hybrid” element in the name refers to its ability to provide a pliable hold allowing your hands to run through it all day without getting greasy or heavy.  We wanted to create the elusive “I woke up like this” look that Beyonce so beautifully made famous.  Nothing looks worse than the crusty glazed gel head that resembles the 54 year-old guy sprinting into the used car lot to sell you a ‘91 Pinto.  I’m not saying there is never a need for a high-shine pomade as there are times when we are invited to a black tie event or want to throw on a leather jacket and pretend we are going to the drive-in with Sandy.  But, there is something desirable about a simple and easy look, and this is exactly what Statum Style’s Hybrid Paste achieves.

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