Follicly Challenged?

If you’re starting to thin or go completely bald, you have options.  When it comes to this topic, less is more.  Plenty of Hollywood’s finest have rocked the thinning or balding look quite gracefully, but that doesn’t include the infamous cul-de-sac your dad rocked for most of your childhood. Think Ryan Reynolds and Jason Statham.  One just thinning and one completely balding, but both studs.  Jason Statham utilizes the 5 o’clock unmanicured beard to take the attention off his sparsely covered dome, while Reynolds goes tight on the sides. 

Our hair is naturally thicker on the sides and back, even for those not balding.  When you begin to bald, don’t exacerbate that by trying to go longer to create coverage, unless the Bozo look is your thing.  Plus, the combover hairdo isn’t fooling anyone Trump. 

Ask the barber for a high taper or medium to high fade as a means to create the illusion of more hair.  By doing this, you allow the scalp to show on the sides, therein making the thinning hair on top less noticeable. 

Also, opt for a matte finish thickening pomade like Statum Style’s Hybrid Paste as the clay and diatoms bind to hair making it appear much fuller than the clumping effect of a greasy pomade. Any shine simply intensifies the glow that your peek-a-booing scalp was already taking care of. 

So if you are finding yourself a bit follicly challenged, stick to tight sides, a 5 o’clock shadow or full beard, and a matte finish pomade.  In sticking with the Statum Style motto, however, if you want to rock the cul-de-sac or a sweet combover, unapologetically stand firm in it!

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