Beard Shaping Tips

When we think of a good beard, there are several absolutes to follow while still leaving freedom to create your own style.

The most important thing in grooming a good beard or five o’clock shadow is to make sure not to shave too far up the neck.  Don’t try and shave on the jawline or higher.  For the vast majority of people, this actually weakens your profile.  Where your neck begins to go horizontal just above the Adam’s apple should be your reference point.  Shave only the vertical areas of the neck and slightly fade the hair into the bulk of the beard with clippers. 

If you must have a clean line for professional reasons or simply prefer a cleaner look, create the line lower on the neck rather than fade in the hair.  As the mustache and goatee area are generally the thickest areas, we recommend using a slightly lower guard on the mustache to create a slimming look where the bottom of the beard is the fullest.  Don’t completely shave the mustache unless you are looking for the Abe Lincoln or leprechaun look. 

Also, avoid the chinstrap unless you are looking to audition for the next Jersey Shore.  For the most part with beard shaping, less is more.  The whole essence of masculinity is lost when you carefully line and curate each hair to perfection.  Regardless of how you shape your beard, however, remember the most important thing is to "stand firm" in your choices/appearance.

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