Introduction to White Velvet Cream Pomade

With the rave reviews and high return buyer rate for our clay pomade Hybrid Paste, we refused to come out with a product that didn’t meet the same set of standards Statum Style customers have come to expect.  With that said, over a year and half after launching, we bring to you our second men’s pomade, White Velvet.  Like its Hybrid Paste predecessor, White Velvet is comprised of an all-natural blend of the highest quality ingredients on the market. Packaged in a 3oz tin, White Velvet won’t leave you scraping the bottom of the tin two weeks after purchasing.  A blend of essential oils including Amber, Cedarwood, and Rosemary create a perfectly subtle smell that won’t clash with your cologne. 


White Velvet creates a clean, professional, moderate shine look that lasts all day.  It is a medium/strong hold product that provides the control you need, but without the crunch of a gel or the stickiness of a wax.  Everyone seems to love our ‘Hybrid Paste’s’ volumizing and texturizing effects…except those with too much volume and texture naturally. For those needing their mane tamed a bit, enter White Velvet.  Though it works for all hair types and many styles, White Velvet has been described as the “weekday pomade” as it provides a certain level of elegance.  We even designed the packaging to create this notion. White Velvet comes packaged in something your grandfather could have used.  Timeless, classic looks straight from a brushed aluminum tin that embodies those same traits. 

White Velvet is perfect for a plethora of styles and hair types.  From James Dean’s side swept pompadour to Connor McGregor’s tightly kept undercut, White Velvet’s timeless, classic styling ensures your pictures ten years from now won’t be destined for ridicule.  So whether you’re preparing a pitch in corporate America or restyling your hair after ripping off your motorcycle helmet, Statum Style’s White Velvet answers the call. Be unapologetically you. Stand Firm

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