Look Blunders

When it comes to male fashion, there are more style mishaps than we could ever list in this forum.  We put together a few style/look tips to help combat a few that are particularly noticeable and wreaking havoc on grooming regimens and wardrobes.

  1. Flashy or ill-fitting denim

The first tip comes from the staple of all outfits…denim.  When it comes to the jeans you wear, DO LESS.  Men, leave the ripped jeans, bedazzled pockets, and fake distressed washes for rock stars and sophomore sorority girls.  Instead, opt for a dark form fitting straight or slim fit to flatter your physique.  If comfort has prevented you from buying straight/slim fit jeans in the past, many brands are adding spandex to their jeans to ensure that “fitted” doesn’t mean restrictive.  With that said, know your limits.  Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, but slim and straight fit cover the vast majority of men.

  1. Beard Line

The next blunder is the beard line up.  We don’t recommend a line.  Instead, blend the beard with a trimmer starting the blend just above the Adams apple. If you MUST line the beard, line on the underside of the jaw well below the jar bone. Read our more detailed blog post on shaping a beard for further elaboration.  During the winter months and coming off No Shave November, however, we witnessed too many poorly groomed beards to feel this was important enough to touch on again. Everyone looks better with some scruff, just make sure it’s garnering the right kind of attention.

  1. The Bozo cut

This one’s easy. Tidy up the sides with a good taper to make the top appear thicker…or buzz it all off if your dome is extra sparse. There is a reason they gave Bozo his haircut and it wasn’t to entice women or get a promotion.

  1. Visible undershirt

The look ruining undershirt. As a general rule, keep it from showing.  If you find wearing an undershirt to be more comfortable or want an additional layer, opt for a V-neck or scoop neck that doesn’t show when you have a button or two undone.  This is especially important when wearing a suit or dress pants. But even with jeans, be cognizant that an undershirt can undermine your look very quickly. And if you need an undershirt to cover an abundance of upper chest hair…lets go ahead and trim that down.

With the above stated, wear what YOU like. Wear what makes YOU feel comfortable. Stand Firm

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