Shaving sucks...Until now! Meet PRIMER!

We get it, shaving sucks. Simply put, our newly released PRIMER pre-shave oil makes it suck less. Shaving for those with sensitive skin often means ingrown hairs, razor burn, and immediate regret. However, it doesn’t have to. Enter Statum Style's newest product, PRIMER.  PRIMER readies the skin for your closest shave yet. Chances are your shaving cream is loaded with toxic foaming agents designed to make your skin appear it’s being prepped for the razor. In reality, it is just unabsorbed foam. PRIMER’s formula of all natural oils conditions the skin, softens the hair, and enhances your razor’s glide to ensure you won’t feel like you’re scraping your skin off. Application is easy. Take 30 seconds after showering or washing your face with warm water and massage into the area to be shaved. Simply apply your shaving cream as always on top of already applied PRIMER and watch your razor knife through your scruff like warm butter (Barely an exaggeration)....and keep it away from your wife before she sees how soft and smooth her armpits could be. 

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