Statum - Behind the Name

By Founder Blake Monar -- When I was searching for a name for the company, one of our advisors and a good friend of mine, Brian Ritz, identified a Latin-rooted word (“statum”) that he felt embodied exactly who we were and what direction we wanted the brand to head.  Statum, pronounced “stat-um,” is Latin for “Stand Firm.” 

As former college roommates at Indiana University, Brian and I were always committed to presenting new ideas and challenging the status quo.  Through meeting new people and seeing this wasn’t always the case, I came to really appreciate people who were unapologetically themselves no matter the popularity of their ideas, style, sexuality, religion, etc., regardless if they were the same as mine or not. 

In a world where many people are quick to blindly adopt trends or ideas of celebrities, family, friends, and self-righteous “superiors” who feel their age and/or title gives them a pass to ignorance and belittlement without educating themselves first, individuality is refreshing. 

The word “Statum” embodies everything Statum Style and I personally stand for.  Confidence, empowerment, accountability, intrinsic motivation mixed with a little bit of insensitivity, edginess, and unconcern with what people have to say.  When someone buys a Statum Style product, I don’t want people to feel like they simply bought cosmetics.  I want them to feel part of an idea that is much bigger than that.  I want people to wear Statum Style shirts or products not only to look good, but to simultaneously support a cause with people that share a mindset with them.  Be well researched, be you, and stand firm in it!  Statum, always. 

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