Statum Skincare

Alright, it is official! Statum is launching a skincare line! We have had the privilege of offering fairly priced, all-natural hair products for nearly 5 years now, but we decided it was time to also create an all-natural skincare line, “Statum Skin.  The reality of the skincare business is that there are so many companies charging $100 or more claiming they found the fountain of youth.  In reality, most companies are simply mass-producing products with 90% water and chemicals you can’t pronounce.  While everyone wishes they took better care of their skin in their younger years, most people in their younger years can’t afford to pay vastly inflated prices for products they don’t think they need yet.  Statum decided to change that.  We are launching our “Facewash and Gentle Exfoliant” and “Marula Facial Serum” both for under $30! Our concentrated powder facewash/exfoliant can be mixed with water each time you wash to ensure you’re not paying for 90% water!  If you aren’t familiar with powder washes, they have been a mainstay for many other countries for decades, but have only more recently become popular in America.  The beauty of powder washes is you can alter the formula to meet your specific needs.  If you have sensitive skin, simply add more water for a more delicate balance.  Prone to getting oily skin? Add more powder to create a more viscous mouse for a deeper clean. In addition to the facewash/exfoliant, we’ve also developed an anti-aging, skin tone evening Marula Facial Serum.  Our virgin Marula oil is like rehab for your skin. Rich in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, Marula nourishes and balances while restoring a youthful glow. Through significant research and development, we have combined Marula with Rosehip Seed Oil as well asMeadowfoam Seed Oil to ensure your skin and neck get the nurture it needs. So, thank you all for supporting our 5 year haircare journey, and we look forward to being your skincare choice as well!


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