Not Just a Men's Company

Often times we get asked, “do you make women’s products?”  The short answer is “YES!”  Statum Style originally launched with pomades and beard products only.  Over the last few years as Statum has grown, however, we expanded our practice of handmade, all natural men’s grooming products into a full men’s and women’s cosmetic line.  Statum Style currently offers three products primarily used by women.  Our “Day2” dry shampoo, “R3” Argan repair serum, and “Shipwrecked” salt spray have all been hugely popular amongst our stylists and female buyers.  If you often wake up without time to shampoo, opt for “Day2” for effortless volume and oil absorption.  If you have heat or color damaged hair, our Vitamin infused argan oil “R3” has you covered.  Argan oil has been dubbed “liquid gold” in the cosmetic industry and can be used as a leave in conditioner or applied to ends to tame strays and repair damage.  If you want additional volume and texture, our newest product “Shipwrecked” has also gotten rave reviews.  While it’s no secret that many salt sprays can be drying, Statum Style’s “Shipwrecked” uses hydrolyzed quinoa to combat potential dryness while also providing essential proteins and luster.

Alright ladies, while we have you here, let’s talk about those Neanderthal-like creatures you call husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers that are oftentimes incapable of buying their own beauty products. Over the past couple years, the matte finish messy look has been all the rave. The problem is guys still grab some crunchy gel off the shelf at Walgreens and come home looking like the lead singer in a 90’s era boy band.  Sound familiar?  If so, check out our best-selling “Hybrid Paste” Clay Pomade.  “Hybrid Paste” is also the perfect product for women with short hair that just want more control, volume, and texture.  We also offer “White Velvet” pomade designed with slightly more hold and shine for the guys with coarse or wavy hair that needs tamed.  Now that you know all of Statum Style’s most popular products, we will quickly mention the three others.  Itchy or straggly beard and scruff?  Use our jojoba oil base “Beard Serum”.  Ingrown hairs or razor burn?  Prep your face with “PRIMER” pre-shave oil.  Long beard that needs shaped and tamed?  Add “Beard Balm” to tame that face mane.

While it is certainly true Statum Style started with a jar of handmade pomade designed for one man’s needs, there has been extensive product research and development to intentionally expand the product line to provide non-toxic, ethically made products available to everyone regardless of gender or hair type.  Thanks for reading and stand firm!

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