The Birth of "Hybrid Paste" by Founder Blake Monar


The most frequently asked question that I receive regarding Statum Style is NEVER associated with any of our products that we manufacture.  It’s almost always…why hair products?  So with that said, I figured that I would let everyone know exactly how Statum Style came to fruition with nothing but a double boiler, a former professional baseball player that couldn’t throw strikes (me), and a passion for time autonomy and providing people with a product that they take pride in.

In 2015, I walked into a store after forgetting my hair product on a baseball road trip.  After flipping over the plastic container that was probably manufactured for under $1 to reveal a $26 dollar price sticker, a light bulb went off for me.  If I refuse to pay a corporation a 2600% markup for a product that I only used because it was slightly better than the other products I hated, I assumed others would feel the same.  Having mostly been known for having a left handed curveball that I now couldn’t throw anywhere near the strike zone and thick Romanian hair that seemingly always fell perfectly in place with little to no effort (humble brag), I wondered if I was capable of producing a cost efficient pomade I actually loved and not just tolerated.  I immediately started researching “how to’s” of cosmetics and quickly determined that in today’s world with Google, a moderately competent brain, and a little resentment that someone was about to make $25 off me if I purchased my current product, I became obsessed with producing the best men’s hair product on the market.  After a ton of research, I purchased a double boiler, a plethora of ingredients, and a thermometer.  After a lot of trial and error using myself as a guinea pig over 2 months and 100 different formulas tested, I had just created something that was better than what I previously spent $26 on.  I then handed off a jar to my brother-in-law who is married to my sister Brittney, both Indiana Kelley School of Business graduates, and anxiously awaited their reviews.  Later in the week and after using the product for a few days, I found out he had thrown away the jar of his current hair product, and Brittney, who shuts down all my business ideas, suggested I think of name and packaging ideas instead of her typical response of “just go throw baseballs.”  Confirming that I was in fact onto something and not just biased, I put my head down for the next four months and made hundreds more formulas obsessing over perfecting the exact mix of ingredients whilst trying to find a name.  Hybrid Paste was officially born.

As for the name Statum Style, I’d suggest you check out one of my previously written blogs “Statum – Behind the Name” to understand more about the company  In short, I strongly believe that everyone should have purpose, passion, and never accept anything that doesn’t align with your own ideas and then unapologetically stand firm in that. With that, Statum, Latin for “Stand Firm” was created.  One year after creation, with thousands of people knowing about and loving Statum Style products, we still use only glass packaging, the best ingredients, and sell at under $13…. So whatever your style, ideas, passions, purpose, meaning in life is, Statum.  –Blake Monar  

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