What Statum Style product is best for you?

At Statum Style, we now have 10 all-natural products.  So, which Statum product(s) is best for you?  

“Hybrid Paste” Clay Pomade:

As our first product ever developed, “Hybrid Paste” has been Statum Style’s best seller for 5 years running. With its ability to offer a pliable hold, matte finish, and last all day, that no surprise. While it works with most hair types, it is best for the following groups:

  • Those with thin hair
  • Those prone to greasy hair
  • Those with active lifestyles
  • Those with straight hair needing volume

“Shipwrecked” Sea Salt Spray:

“Shipwrecked” has been a salon best seller since its launch.  It is perfect as a pre-styler or stands well on its own.  It offers impressive texture and volume with little time needed.  It is best for:

  • Those with flat hair that needs volume
  • Those with straight and fine hair
  • Anybody who loves an undone disheveled look 
  • Those in a time crunch
  • Those who desire the perfect refresher when you don’t want to redo your hair from day before 

“Marula Facial Serum”:  

Our luxury facial serum has been dubbed the $30 fountain of youth in a bottle.  Infused with vitamin E, Marula oil, rosehip oil, and meadow foam seed oil, it is sure to give you your most even complexion, reduce the visibility of fine lines, and make your skin the softest it’s ever felt.  It is best for:

  • Basically everyone! 
  • Those seeking to hydrate skin while regulating your natural oil production 

“White Velvet”:

“White Velvet” was our second mens pomade produced.  It is a medium shine pomade with a slightly higher hold than our “Hybrid Paste”.  It is best for the following groups: 

  • Those with coarse or thick hair
  • Those with unruly hair that needs tamed
  • Those who are prone to dry or frizzy hair

“R3” Vitamin Infused Argan Oil:  

Our R3 is a lifesaver for those with heat or color damaged hair.  We have infused our argan oil with pure grade vitamin E to help combat the effects of daily damages to your hair restoring its natural sheen and manageability.  It is best for:

  • Those who color/bleach their hair
  • Those who apply heat regularly (curling iron, blow dryer)
  • Those prone to fly aways or stray hairs
  • Anybody with itchy scalp or dandruff

“Facewash and Gentle Exfoliant”:  

Our face wash has become popular given its customization.  Our powder formula can be altered based on the needs of your face. You’ll feel a gentle exfoliant from bits of calendula flower and rose clay, while coconut milk powder, colloidal oatmeal, and vitamin C bring your skin back to life after long days.  It is best for:

  • Again, Everyone!
  • Those who have sensitive skin
  • Those with acne prone skin
  • Those with skin prone to dryness

“Day 2” Root Boosting Dry Shampoo:  

Ever been in a bind and used baby powder in your hair? Imagine that, but on steroids.  Our talc free formula uses silica to create unmatched volume, while starches absorb excess oils making your hair appear freshly washed.  It is best for:  

  • Those with hair prone greasiness
  • Those who refrain from shampooing hair daily
  • Those who need a root boost even in clean hair
  • Those with dark hair who tend to be tinted from spray dry shampoos

 “Primer” Pre-Shave Oil:  

 Shaving sucks whether you’re a guy or girl, we all know this. Our primer creates a buffered and hydrated surface for your razor to glide over.  It is best for:

  • Those with sensitive skin (from armpits to face)
  • Those prone to razor burn
  • Those suffering from ingrown hairs 
  • Those who shave their heads

 “Beard Serum”:  

Anybody that has grown even a little stubble could benefit from our jojoba oil based beard serum.  This formula clears beardruff, relieves itch, and creates a healthy shine without stray hairs.  It is best for:

  • Anyone with any length facial hair
  • Those prone to itchy beard
  • Those who get stray hairs
  • Those with coarse or scratchy beards

 “Beard Balm”:  

Our beard balm can be thought of as a styler for your beard.  Once your beard eclipses the short stage it often can appear straggly and poofy. Our balm simply tames your beard to sleeken your face, make your beard appear fuller, while also creating lasting hydration.  It is best for:

  • Those with beards longer than 1/2 inch
  • Those who are prone to stray hairs or straggly beard
  • Those who have a hard time getting beard to lay down


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