Why Day 2 Dry Shampoo?

Unless you are Superwoman, I do not see how busy working women, moms, and frankly all women in general have the time to wash, blow dry, and style their hair every morning.  On day 1, maybe.  But, day 2 is more difficult.  Plus, day 2 hair is much easier to style.  In addition to time and styling, most experts agree nobody should wash their hair more than 3-4 times a week for optimal health.  Now, I hear what you are thinking…while I’d love to only wash my hair every other day, my hair gets so greasy.  Well, this is where Statum’s “Day 2” dry shampoo becomes so useful. 

Statum Style’s all-natural “Day 2” dry shampoo is loaded with starches, proteins and essential oils to create added volume while knocking off that greasy shine that we get after a workout, a couple days without a wash, or anytime you need a little root boost.  The mint citrus scent is also subtle enough not to overtake/ruin your perfume, but successfully knocks off dirty hair funk!  Plus, the great thing about our easy application glass bottle is it allows you to sprinkle cleanly onto the roots or hands without issue.  If you’ve ever used a plastic bottle, there is a good chance you’ve found yourself squeezing too hard leaving enough dry shampoo on your head or hands for days 2 through 52.  And, if you’re used to spray dry shampoo, expect the lifespan of our "Day 2" powder to last much longer making the chemical laden spray cans look less like a bargain!  

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